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About us

Alfa Poland was established at the end of 1996 as an independent branch of the company Tekno Alfa s.r.l. of Turin. Currently, Alfa Poland, along with its other departments: Borsa Engineering Technology pvt. Ltd. Pune (India), OOO ??k?? ?????» in Zavolzhsk (Russia) and Fortune Ind.Co. (China), is a world-class leader in the design, manufacture and commissioning of complete assembly lines, custom machines, robotic cells, internal transport solutions, assembly equipment and inspection stations for the automotive industry.
Every project executed by Alfa Poland is custom-suited to the individual needs of the customer. Each project is preceded by the drafting of a concept and preparation of complex specific designs and plans (mechanical, pneumatic, hydraulic, electric, software and steering).

Alfa Poland’s head office and its different branches employ professional technical teams (constructors, programmers, mechanics, electricians, metal fitters), who work closely together from the moment an order is received until the final product is made and transferred to the customer at his plant. The team also provides after-sales service including training, warranty repairs, post-warranty repairs, modifications, maintenance, repairs, technical assistance and a remote teleservice solution.
In addition, thanks to our very efficient metalworking, transportation and relocation departments, we provide turn-key products as a standard option.
All of our products and services meet the most rigorous of quality standards , are made using state-of-the-art technologies, materials and fulfil the technical and safety standards which apply in the countries where the equipment or services are used.
The passion, dedication and professionalism our employees demonstrate makes it possible for us to meet the requirements of even the most demanding customers.

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