Machine design and construction

Machine design and construction

 The many years of experience and expertise of Alfa Poland’s technical office staff, as well as the modern technologies and the highest quality materials used, make us capable of designing and constructing state-of-the-art machines and equipment.

Our main projects include:

  • Automatic assembly lines,
  • Manual and automated assembly, fitting and twisting stations,
  • Robots and portals for tooling and assembly,
  • Conveyors for internal transportation,
  • Inspection and measurement stations.

Our company boasts an extensive team of constructors, mechanics, automation specialists and programmers, thanks to which each of our customer’s issues is approached in a professional manner.
We offer a complex service package from the concept stage, through the drafting of the mechanical and electrical plans, over to the construction, assembly, installation and start-up of the project on-site.

We have broad experience in the construction of fastening stations on account of our many years’ cooperation with the US-based Apex Tool Group, a producer of the world-famous Cleco and DGD industrial machines.

Our machine park is also equipped with conventional tooling machines.

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