CLECO – tightening equipment service

Currently, we maintain a team of specialists with many years of experience in the servicing of Cleco and DGD manual and automatic, electric and pneumatic screwdrivers.

Our service offer includes:
• maintenance, periodic inspection and calibration of screwdrivers;
• inspections and repairs of entire control systems (TME, mPro, GC series controllers);
• programming and parameterisation of tightening systems;
• technical assistance in implementation of new Cleco tightening devices;
• installation of single screwdrivers and Cleco tightening systems;
• modernisation of Cleco screwdriver control systems;
• supporting production in the maintenance of Cleco screwdriving devices;
• sale of spare parts and components for Cleco and DGD screwdrivers.

In order to increase our competitive edge in equipment servicing and to reduce the time of most repairs and inspections, we built a warehouse on our premises for storing spare parts for screwdrivers. In response to customer expectations, we also offer a mobile 24-hour technical service.

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tel. +48 33 488 55 00
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